Lilly’s is Changing

So the big news is that Lilly’s is changing!!!!! In August of 2019 Lilly’s is becoming Grill Hall Churrascaria, but have no fear because Lilly’s breakfast will still be there for when we reopen,  but it will now also now be a great dinner restaurant too with all kinds of awesome new foods to try! we are excited for this change and hope you are too.  check back for an opening date very soon!




Hello Friends & Neighbors!
We have some exciting news. Lily’s Cafe is being remodeled and getting some major changes,  in fact we have lots of cool things in store for you. though sadly this stuff doesn’t get built overnight. so Lily’s will be closed for the remodel from April 22, 2019 for two to three weeks.  watch our feeds for updates.  We promise our food will be even more delicious when we return!!!!!


 Lily’s Cafe is classic American diner, your home for food that is  fresh and delicious, and  friendly to your wallet! lily’s picks up the classic tradition of the neighborhood joint friend and familiar faces that just say “You are home”. We pride ourselves on serving you the best ingredients,  prepared with the greatest care,  its what we serve to our family and we are proud to serve it to yours.

Welcome to Lily’s old fashioned food, old fashioned prices and darn good eats!


Lily’s cafe is located at

Maple Grove, Minnesota
our phone is  (763)533-2304
The phone for Grill Hall is (763)999-5918
we are closed, and will reopen in August 2019 as Grill Hall 
And yes! All of your breakfast favorites will be there to meet you in the new place!

Private: Specials

And don’t forget, we have brand new specials every day!


Breakfast Menu